G'raj Mahal

73 Rainey St., Austin, TX 78701

The story of G’Raj Mahal begins with a culinary couple’s vision to bring Western Indian cuisine to Austin, TX. Sidney (an Austin native) & Anthony (born & raised in Goa, India) opened G’Raj Mahal in 2009 as a food trailer. Having landed on a space just off of Rainey Street that had previously operated as a car garage, the name & feeling of The G’Raj was both evident & authentic from the beginning.

Each dish is made to order; servesr ask you how spicy you would like your curry to taste. The beef & pork served at G’Raj is free-range & sourced from a local farm; the lamb, chicken & goat are grass-fed & Halal blessed. Anthony hand-rolls the samosa dough, Sidney works tirelessly to keep the menu interesting & relevant, & every staff member you’ll meet will rave to you about how they couldn’t possibly choose a singular favorite dish from the menu!

After 4+ years of growing success at the trailer location, the G’Raj Mahal Cafe & Lounge brick+mortar opened on Rainey Street. They serve beer & wine, host private events, & boldly shimmer with a bigger-and-better version of the offbeat beauty that has always defined G’Raj Mahal.