Healthy Living in Austin

While they may say, "Everything's bigger in Texas", that doesn't have to apply to your waistline! Austin is a great city to help you embrace a healthier lifestyle and we make it even easier with these top tips for living healthy in Austin.

Get a Dog!

Research shows that man's best friend is a great motivator to get more exercise. Austin Pets Alive can help you find your next running or walking buddy.

Get Outside!

With over 30 miles of urban trails in Austin, multiple parks and greenbelts throughout the city, and countless more a short drive away, you are never too far away from some open space to move your body. Check out the "Outdoor" section in this app for a ton of options!

Stay Hydrated!

We all know that Austin can be hot in the summer, but hydration is key to health year-round. Start your day with 16-ounces of water and aim to get about a gallon each day.

Eat Fresh!

Austin has nearly 20 farmers markets and farm stands throughout the week to purchase fresh, local produce and a growing number of restaurants dedicated to the "farm to table" movement.

Join a Club, Class or Gym!

Austin boasts recreational sport clubs, studios, classes and all kinds of gyms. Residents can take advantage of activities ranging from kick-ball and boot camps to pilates, ballroom dancing and mixed martial arts. There are even several donation-based yoga studios and free classes offered by sport shops, so cost needn't be the thing that holds you back!

Cultivate Gratefulness!

We all have stress in our lives, and things we wish we could change, but being grateful for the wonderful things we do have works wonders for our health. Start each day by remembering something that made you happy recently or something that brings you joy. You'll be a better person for it.