I Luv Video

4803 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78751

Established in 1984 by El Paso transplants John Dorgan and Conrad Bejarano, I Luv Video is one of the world's largest independent video stores, offering an immense catalog of films for rent & sale... they have a friendly, knowledgeable staff who's as obsessed with movies as their clientele. While other video stores, from independents to the corporate chains, are succumbing to the lure of digital on-demand streaming, I Luv Video is old-school & thriving.

A combination of an indie-supportive, film-loving customer base and a bohemian aesthetic keep I Luv Video culturally relevant and make their store a destination for visitors. They offer more than just films to rent, they also sell rare & unique vintage toys/movie memorabilia and films.  They also provide a unique customer experience and a chance to rave and vent about films with people as enthusiastic as they are! 

Hours of Operation are 10 am till Midnight daily.